✅ Means completed.
❎ Means abandoned.
⌚ Means in progress.
⛔ Means on hiatus.
🫀 Means high priority.
🧠 Means low priority.

  1. Make a OC submission page. ✅
  2. Fix credit page css code for mobile.
  3. Create NSFW toggle. ✅
  4. Create Lycan transformation toggle. ⛔
  5. Flesh out OCs. ⌚
  6. Go through Night Fury Choice One to make sure it falls in line with OC sheet. 🫀
  7. Work on adding pegasus to the species list.
  8. Start work on velociraptor species.
  9. Add a dracolich entry into the bestiary. 🫀
  10. Add Chimeran assimilator, reptilian and mammalian entry into the bestiary.
  11. Add bond indoraptors entry into the bestiary.
  12. Fix the world submission page on the main site to remove the discord submission option for the time being. 🫀