Author: Inferno


Launching yourself at the first indoraptor's face you latched onto it as hard as you could. You were distantly aware of the second indoraptor recoiling in surprise at your appearance. A moment later you saw the second indoraptor strike the first one's neck, causing you to fall off.

Upon hitting the ground you heard two loud thuds nearby. Glancing around you saw the first indoraptor's headless corpse. Getting onto your paws you turn and saw the second indoraptor holding the first's severed head, and after a moment he looked down at you.

"Well now what do we have here?" 'he second Indoraptor said.

"I-I want to join your pack!" you hesitantly request.

"You want to join my pack, little dragon?" he asked looking a little shocked.

You nod slowly at the indoraptor.

"Why do you want to join my pack, little one?" he asked you.

"My mother, she died," you say melancholically, shocking the indoraptor.

"Alright. Come with me little one. By the way my name is Phantom," Phantom said.

What do you do?

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