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You struggle to breathe while choking on your own bodily fluids as your body gives out and you fall to the ground dropping your dead heart. Darkness continues to slowly fill your vision as the river of blood finally starts to show signs of stopping. You start convulsing clawing at your neck struggling for oxygen you don't notice when your talons slit your own throat. You barely notice the blood stopped flowing from the gaping hole in your chest cavity.

Feeling light headed and out of breath you go still with your eyes staring right at your dead unbeating heart trying desperately to breathe. Finally you noticed that you had accidentally slit your own throat while clawing at your neck. Finally your struggles slow to a stop as your eyes cloud in death and you wheeze out a final death rattle with the last thing you ever see in life being your own motionless dead heart.

Finally, dead you look down on your corpse laying their lifelessly with your blood all over the place. You can easily see into your chest cavity with all your motionless organs. You stare into your own cold dead eyes before looking in front of your corpse to find your own dead heart.

You are dead!

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