Author: Inferno


After spending some time trying to squeeze through it you finally find the way you need to position your body to make it through the hole. After endless hours you finally managed to squeeze through the hole and come out the other side. only to find the other side is an endless pit with spikes at the bottom. Fearing for your life you cling hopelessly to the wall with your heart beating wildly in your chest as you know its only a matter of time before you are impaled on those spikes.

After 4 hours of clinging hopelessly to the wall your tired body slips, and you fall into the abyss. Straight towards the very sharp spikes at the bottom eagerly waiting to impale you. Roaring in absolute fear as you fall right towards the deadly spears below and into deaths waiting grasp. Agony fills you as your impaled through the center of your chest, belly, neck and head.

By some misfortune the spike that's impaled your head has missed the important parts of your brain. So, you were not instantly killed and even worse is that it also missed your brains pain receptors. Unfortunately, it has also paralyzed you from the neck down, though by some miracle you can still move your head around to check the damage done to your body. You know you're going to be in agony every second until death claims you, sadly you know there's nothing you can do but wait for death.

Feeling something oozing out of your underbelly, you twist your head so you can see what's wrong with your underbelly. You see that the spike impaled through your underbelly has torn a big enough hole to allow your intestines to spill out. Along with your twitching intestines your stomach spills out as well, you can see a river of your silver blood pouring out of the wound in your underbelly.

You feel an agonizing pain in your chest, twisting your head to check it you see a spike impaling you right in the center of it, tearing a huge hole within it exposing your precious organs hidden within. You can see that the spike has speared you straight through your heart. Seeing the poor organ is struggling to pump your blood and keep you alive. You try to do something to relive the pressure on your damaged heart. After 5 minutes of nothing you find it is getting hard to breathe, one of the spikes must have speared you through your throat. Fearing that you will suffocate to death You figure that you will die of heart failure before anything else unless you can find a way to cause enough damage to your brain to kill it and let death claim you.

Known that it could take days for a disemboweled dragon with an impaled heart and brain to die if their heart or brain doesn't give out, you try to find a way to farther the damage to your heart or brain. Using your head to move your body you managed after 2 hours to shove the spike spearing your barely beating heart farther into the dying organ. Roaring in agony as shoving the spike farther into your heart has torn the dying organ from your body.

You smile despite the fact you're going to die now, "Perfect, now that I've torn my heart from my body I will die quickly" you say as you cough up a glob of blood that had filled your lungs. Gasping for air you convulse as your brain tries desperately to save your dying body. After about 4 minutes you release your last breath in a long drawing out death sigh and your eyes cloud lifeless as death finally claims your tortured soul.

After death had claimed your soul, you looked down at the spikes that had claimed your life. You see your stomach and intestines hanging limply out of your underbelly. Your barely beating heart speared on the spike having been shoved out your back. Your lifeless eyes staring at nothing having clouded over in death. Finally, your brain exposed through your skull by the spike leaking out slowly. As your heart gave one last pulse you leave this world behind at the same time as your precious heart had given into death.

You are dead!

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