Author: Inferno


"I... I w-will g-g-give y-you m-my h-he-heart" You stammer out feeling your hearts rapid beating.

You look down at your heart through the wound and hesitantly put your claw on your chest. Looking back up at the wyrm unsure of weather this was the right choice, you decide its too late now anyway and look back down.

You dig your claws into your hide, wincing at the pain as blood rushes out, running down your chest before pooling on the ground. The wyrm watches with a sadistic grin on its muzzle as you continue to mutilate your own body until you had uncovered most of your ribs and, more importantly, your sternum.

You spit out a bit of blood as you glance at the wyrm and shiver knowing your giving this monster exactly what he wants. You take a deep breathe, slightly fascinated at seeing how your lungs expand through the gaping hole in your chest. Before you grip your sternum and use all your strength to rip it out, you screech at the agony and collapse to the ground, barely missing impaling your now completely exposed heart on a rock.

"Ugh. You pathetic weakling!" the wyrm screeched at you as you lay on the ground bleeding out.

"You have exactly 2 minutes to get your worthless hide back onto your paws and rip your fucking heart out or I will do it for you and withdraw my offer!" The wyrm finished glaring.

Terror fills you as you struggle to get to your paws, slowly looking the wyrm in the eye. Lifeless golden orbs stare back at you impatiently, and you wonder what it will feel like when you are a soul bound to your own rotting corpse.

You sigh as you know you won't have to wait long as all you need to do is grab the organ pulsating inside your chest and rip it out to find out. Taking one last deep breath as a living dragon you reach into your chest cavity and grab onto your heart.

It leaps within your grip as you enjoy the feel of your heart beating in your paw for a moment, before you close your eyes and with a lightning fast reaction you tear your paw from your chest. You let out an unholy roar of absolute agony and once again you collapse to the ground. Your heart still beating weakly in your grip, blood flowing down its sides from the torn arteries.

Looking up you see the wyrms left paw extended with its paw open waiting for you to give the organ to him. Weakly you raise your right foreleg up and barely manage to drop the pulsing organ into it before your foreleg went limp and fell to the ground.

"Finally, your soul is mine!" the wyrm rasps as darkness consumes you...

You are dead!


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