Author: Inferno


Shocked and terrified, you stumbled away in terror, blood running down your neck. Your intestines were hanging slightly out of the right side of your underbelly. In pain and terror you turn to run only for agony to erupt inside of your chest cavity.

Looking down in shock you saw a draconic paw impaled inside of your chest. Looking up you saw your worst nightmare: The muzzle of a great wyrm with faded golden scales. He was missing patches of his scales, his own chest cavity was exposed, heart missing and motionless lungs exposed to the world. Your body went stiff as you felt the dragon's paw wrap around your rapidly beating heart, and terror shot through your body as you were at the complete mercy of this rotting undead dragon.

The undead dragon looks you in the eyes. You shudder as you stare into the lifeless reptilian eyes of your captor. The dragon smirks evilly before you feel a sharp pain, followed by a geyser of blood and a feeling of weakness. You wheeze out a groan as you slowly look down in a state of shock only to witness the dragon extract his paw from your chest cavity, a giant scaly heart throbbing weakly clutched in its grip.

Your hindlegs shake for a moment before collapsing under the weight of your body as you feel blood trickle down the side of your muzzle. Your forelegs tremble as you valiantly struggle to remain upright as you stare at your own beating heart in the dragons paw as he slowly moves it up to his muzzle and eats it whole. You can see the bulge it makes in the dragons rotting throat as it slides down into its stomach...

Beg for survival