Author: Inferno


Your eyes widen in terror as your pupils narrow into slits. You are now aware of the feeling of blood leaking out of your neck. Your muzzle opens as you try in vain to take a breathe of air only to get nothing. You open your muzzle wider in desperation, your forked tongue slipping out and hanging limply on the right side of your head as you still get no life giving oxygen.

"Your corpse shall serve me well, with or without a head. Now you die and hope I don't enslave your soul for all the trouble you gave me, dragon!" you heard the wyrm rasp in your ear as your vision becomes blurry.

You feel as the wyrm let's go of your throat and you experience a moment of sensory disruption before you feel yourself hitting the ground, but you felt no pain. You can feel yourself slipping away, the very last thing you see before darkness claims you was the great wyrm dragging your headless corpse away as your brain finally succumbs to death...

You are dead!

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